How to Choose the Fit Jewelry for Various Face

From the jewelry perspective, there are two kinds of circle. One is fanaticism, the other is minimalist.
The fanaticism is enthusiastically fond of shopping various accessories. Once enter their eyes and hit their hearts, not matter it’s necklace, bracelet, pendant, ear stud, they will star the mode-buy buy buy. If failed to buy it, they would not be able to think of it and the whole heart is on it until buy it. Over time, all kinds of accessories would be filled in their wardrobes.
The minimalist circle is completely opposed to theirs. They totally could not understand why human needs accessories and jewelry. They regard it useless and trouble to wear so many bracelets and five fingers filled. Yes, they don’t understand the modern model on fashion magazine, which wears lots of jewelry.
Actually, from the view of collocation, both of the minimalist and fanaticism not good to shape the perfect image. The complicated collocation on magazine is for introducting and publishing. The famous brand would not exert accessories exaggeratedly.
So, exerting accessories depends on what we want to express and if we want to express ourselves. As for how to choose accessories, my advise is, for classic, it would be good choice to take gold/silver, but if for collocation, it’s better to choose alloy or titanium jewelry with excellent technique. Here, I will share the accessories for collocation. Some thinks it’s expensive for alloy or titanium jewelry to buy a good quality. But you may not think so, if knowing the importance of jewelry to your whole style. Jewelry is the key point of one style. It's not only the key for attraction, but also affect your whole image in other's eye. If with low quality, the first impression to others will be bad. So, you could say it would be more important than clothes.
After positioning price clearly, we then go to how to use the accessories to decorate and express ourselves. Compare the following pictures, which one is worst.

From the harmonious perspective, it would be found that, the one in the left pictures looks thick in the back and upper half. And the one in the right looks elegant.
So, what causes the big difference in visual effect.
Tell you, it's because the jewelry wearing. The earring and necklace are too thin that it shows the back and shoulder thinner.
In world, it doesn't exist for 100% perfect figure and face. Each one is more or less annoyed by some figure problems or face problems. It's nothing with beauty. For example, you may have a perfect figure, but don’t like your round face, square face or long face!
Or, you may have perfect face, but still has some troubles,
A. A plump breast or small breast
B. Too narrow or too wide shoulder
C. Could not find your waist
D. Short leg and so on.
Actually, all these could be adjusted by accessories. Today, we will bring you to see how these little stuff to make us perfect.
First, we will help the girls with good figure and unsatisfying face.
  1. For the round face. I'm not sure if the girls with round face ever noticed that, when wearing the round earring, others will say your face is round. And same as square earring. Please notice the following picture.
So, what kind of earrings are suit for round face? The answer is circular arc or long line shape. Take the following pictures as example.

But for ear stud, because of sticking to ear, the triangular shape is not recommended, while the circular arc on the right is more suitable for round face.
2. For the square face. Many square face girls deeply like elegant image. It's not hard to achieve it with fit accessories. Same with round face, round and square jewelry are not fit for them. Both of them would prominent the square face. It would be better to choose some between the round and square, like long lie earring as following.
On one hand, the long line shape would integrate the face and make a dent of horizontal face.
3. For long face. Did any long face girls ever notice your face longer when wearing earphone wire? By contrary, using wide line could weaken the long face in visual effect.
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