How to protect the jewelry

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How to protect the jewelry

  1. The jewelry should be changed often. The same jewelry should be avoided to wear for long time, especially in hot summer. The coating of jewelry is easy to corrode if interact with sweat for long time. It would be better to prepare several piece jewelry for replacement and remove it when doing sport or physical labor.
  2. It’s easily corroded when touching chemicals. The fragrance when taking bath, the chlorine in swimming pool, the salinity in sea, all of them would lead to way of corrosion. So it would be better to remove all jewelry before bath or swim.
  3. Jewelry is easy to abrade and need to be stored carefully. Do not overlap the jewelries and store it in original bag or under independent box for avoiding touch each and brush each other in surface.
  4. Clean the jewelry irregularly. Brush the surface of jewelry by soft brush to clean the blot in surface.


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