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Why do most people always buy the wrong size of bracelet

It's really happy and expected to buy the favorite bracelet, but it's really sad to find it's wrong size and failed to fit you perfectly after receiving it.   Just because when the bracelet is thick, the bracelet's length is NOT equal to the wrist length, just as the picture shown below. how to choose the right size of bracelet

 So, how could you choose the perfect size of bracelet!

First, measure the length of the thinnest part (or expected part) of your wrist by fabric rule. It's very very important !!

Second, notice if the bracelet is thick. For thin bracelet, just choose according to your wrist length.  If the bracelet is thick, notice the description of products. You should choose according to the inner size of bracelet, instead of bracelet's length. 

Hope all you could buy your favorite jewelry online and enjoy buying. 

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